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Workshops for Schools


Treat your students and staff to a magical performance.

Magic Performances, Circus Skills Workshops and Themed Presentations available.


Each event is completely customisable to suit the needs of your school and your current educational topics, such as; healthy eating, anti-bullying, recycling etc.

You can book Jack for a full school/year group assembly, or for individual workshops. 

​I would usually use the main school hall and invite the children to sit as they would for assembly. However, if you only require a session for smaller groups, then this can be done in a normal classroom perfectly fine too. ​

The sessions are very high energy, educational and interactive.

You can choose from a simple magic show that is 100% guaranteed to amaze and engage your students and staff. You could have the team building circus workshop, or simply listen to my inspiring story and how I can share my message of "Never giving up" on your dreams.


Learn what it takes to become a real magician and how I overcame some pretty tough hurdles to achieve my personal goals and international success. 

If you would like some further information then please

contact Jack on: 07511770430 or make your enquiry below:

JD Magic Stars
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