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Here are some other entertainment options for you to choose from...

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History of Magic Talk

History of Magic Talk

Entertain your group and guests with this very informative and educational talk (Inc. Magical Performances) 



Are you looking for your next speaker or someone who can entertain at your next meeting? Well.. Look no further.

School Workshops

Engage, Educate & Entertain your students with this unique performance designed to team build and motivate.


Care Entertainment

Sit back, relax and let JD Magic entertain all of your residents with a unique blend of live music & magic too.

Circus Skills Workshop

Learn how to Juggle, Balance and Spin Plates with the JD Magic Circus Skills Workshop. (For Ages 7+)

JD Magic Piano Shropshire Magician


Everyone knows Jack is a Magician, but not many realise that he has been performing his Music for just as long.