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Music is the best therapy - (Pause for thought).

I am so excited to bring this post to you and let you know why listening to music has become a part of my daily routine.

Did you know that Music therapy has been found to be an effective and low-cost treatment for acute or chronic pain, depression and other mood disorders, some types of learning difficulties, and social isolation. - Courtsey of

It really is amazing, that when you listen to music, either on the radio, television, smart device or listen from a live musician... no matter how you were feeling before... it instantly changes your mood. JUST LIKE MAGIC!

We all have those mornings when we wake up feeling stressed, anxious or simply in the wrong mood. Well, now we can put all that behind us, because here is a very simple mental trick that will set your mind straight no matter how you're feeling.

Of course I understand there are so many genres of music to listen to, but that is your personal preference. For me, I love to listen to Jazz, Swing or even soft Ballads that are naturally relaxing to listen to and I am sure, your music tastes will differ.

However, you will be pleased to know that before you start your day, you can listen to a song and it can bring all sorts of emotions.

For example: If you have ever listened to Enya (Only Time) song, this is naturally relaxing and often has a slow tempo/beat.

In contrast to a song such as - ABC by the Jackson 5 has a faster tempo and is much more upbeat.

From a technical point of view a song that is considered to be a 'Sad' sounding song will use what's called a Minor Key and a 'Happier' sounding sound will use a Major Key.

I won't go into too much detail about this, but I would simply advise that you all always stick with a song in a 'Major Key' that will give you the perfect excuse to smile and maybe even have a little dance too.

You will notice from the first photo, that I love to play the piano and often sing along too. (Sorry if I made it rain) but this has its own physical and mental benefits and if you have never tried playing an instrument, it is never too late, and I strongly recommend it.

I perform at so many events and I always suggest that when guests arrive into a new environment outside of their own home, its lovely to listen to 'Ambient' music in the background to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

So, next time you are feeling down or wake up in the wrong mood, simply turn the radio on, or put on your favourite 'upbeat' song and let the Music do the Magic!

*** There is a more in depth conversation about how music can have a huge positive effect on the lives of older people, particularly those living with dementia and other neurological conditions, but I will discuss this in a separate blog post.

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