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5 Reasons to Hire a Magician for your event

"It's time to celebrate"... A Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Corporate Event. But wait a moment... "Did you book the magician yet?"

Well, here are 5 reasons why you should.

1) Magic is Interactive - Its very easy for a magician to create a high energy atmosphere at your event. It's perfect for all ages and will entertain everyone. Choosing a card, or examining a piece of rope... are just a few of the things a magician may ask you to do. With this being said, a good magician will never put you on the spot, to purposely make you or those around you feel uncomfortable. It should be a fun experience that everyone can relax and enjoy.

2) A Magician is Adaptable - Making sure everyone is comfortable while enjoying the event is the most important thing for a magician, and if people are standing around waiting for the meal to be served, or presentation to start, then a magician certainly helps 'fill the gaps in your schedule' for a smooth event.

3) Ice-Breaker - We've all experienced that moment when you meet somebody new and don't quite know what to say... Well a magician can easily take care of this problem by merging separate groups together and experience the magical performance as one larger audience. This creates a fantastic talking point afterwards and before you know it, you'll make new friends too!

4) Photo Opportunities - Imagine the reactions of your guests when they see a coin appear from nowhere, or a signed card appearing in their pocket. As they witness the impossible, it's the perfect photo opportunity for your guestbook and will leave you with a captured memory that last forever.

5) Customisable - A good magician can tailor their magic to suit each event. It will then become very personal for you as the host. For example at a corporate event you could create magic using the brand/product itself. This works really well for trade stands/presentations, But remember... A magician can be booked for any type of event.

I really do hope you have found this article useful in your quest to organise your next event. Just remember "where ever there are people, a magician can perform". If you want Unique, Fun and Stress-free entertainment that is suitable for ALL guests. Then take a look at my website for more information on how I can bring my award winning magic to YOUR event!


From Jack Dent AIMC, JD Magic

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